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Marketing API Quickstart

New Quickstart simplifies using the Marketing API by generating sample code for you. Click here to try it out.

We want to improve our Marketing API workflow for new developers interested in building ads management or insights apps. We found many developers delayed development during the early stages and don't go on to making Marketing API calls. To help new developers, we are releasing a Quickstart which provides guidance to developers and helps you get started using the Marketing API.

The new Quickstart is a step-by-step on-boarding flow that helps you use ad management and insights tools built on Facebook's Marketing API. It walks you through the process of creating a Sandbox account and an Access token you can use during app development. The Quickstart is more an educational tool; it can shorten the time it takes to build a functional app by providing self-contained executable sample code blocks based on your selections.

Each Quickstart panel are guides you step by step through each stage of making your first Marketing API call. We are launching with two initial scenarios:

  • Promote your page — Start creating Page Like ads with Marketing API
  • Create ad reports — Start getting insights from your Facebook Pixel or App Ads SDKs

After you complete your selections, download sample code generated for each scenario based on your selections. The final step of the Quickstart shows you how to run this code sample.

We are rolling out the this Quickstart immediately. You may have already seen the Quickstart when you launched Marketing API products and it is available to everyone on February 17th, 2017.