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Marketing API Open Source Samples

We're excited to announce that we are publishing a series of Facebook Marketing API code samples written with the Marketing API SDK for Python, and a web framework based on Django. This enables developers to quickly prototype functions and perform Marketing API integration testing. The samples are based on common use-cases and follow best practices in design and coding that you can reuse in your solution.

Here is the project hosted on GitHub: GitHub, Marketing API Samples

Last year we launched the Facebook Marketing Developer Site where we host relevant resources for marketing developers to get started. In this project we are open sourcing the part that is powering the Code Samples tab, which includes:

  • A Django framework that manages the samples
  • Sample backend code that use the Marketing API SDK for Python to interact with the Marketing API
  • Front end components and forms that help you quickly gather the parameters used in the marketing API use case

By getting the source code, you can:

  • Take a closer look at how the specific use cases function and how they can be achieved by using the SDK
  • Use reference examples in the front end that or re-use some of the components
  • Use the Django app framework, which already handles user Login and retrieving an access token, as the starting point. Jump-start your work on your own Marketing API application development

You can post your feedback or ideas via the github project, or in the Facebook Marketing Developer Community. We look forward to hearing from you.