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Graph Academy Available

We're pleased to announce new hands-on courses that help developers learn more about Marketing API and it's foundation. The first course provides developers the technical background needed to use Marketing API, which is Graph API.

Developers can try coding exercises to learn how to make calls, how objects are structured in the API and how to read and update objects. For example, you can learn how to use nested fields in the API:

// GET{id,name}

Before you start, you should have some understanding of the following to complete these courses:

  • Basic understanding of JavaScript or programming
  • Some background with REST APIs

After you complete initial courses, you'll move on the Marketing API, which enables you to automate Facebook Ads and efficiently deliver ads at scale. In this course you will learn the basics of creating ads.

To take these courses, visit Graph Academy and for related courses visit Facebook Blueprint, Graph Academy. We look forward to your feedback and ideas on future courses at Facebook Marketing Developers Community.