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Announcing Marketing APIs v2.4

July 8, 2015ByChristine Lu

Today, we're delighted to announce the next version of the Marketing APIs - version 2.4.

Marketing APIs v2.4 Feature Highlights

The following are the major changes for Marketing APIs v2.4:

  • Optimization simplification - we are clarifying the difference between optimization and billing in the data model by decoupling the bid fields into 3 separate fields:
    • 1 - optimization_goal: what the advertiser is optimizing for (video_views, website clicks, etc...)
    • 2 - billing_event: what the advertiser is paying by (pay per impression, pay per click, pay per video view etc...)
    • 3 -bid_amount: the value to the advertiser of the event associated with the optimization goal
  • Updating CPC to focus on link clicks - in order to make our advertisers' campaigns on Facebook more effective, we are updating the definition of cost per click (CPC). Today, when an advertiser runs a CPC ad, Facebook counts any action taken within the ad unit as a click: a like, a comment, a share, “continue reading”, a video view, a link click, etc. Starting v2.4, we are updating our definition of CPC ads to separate link clicks from engagement clicks (including likes and comments), and CPC will only include link clicks.
    • In v2.4, to bid against the new definition of CPC, use billing_event=LINK_CLICKS, optimization_goal=LINK_CLICKS
    • To continue to optimize for likes, comments, shares, etc. as well as link clicks, advertisers can use billing_event=POST_ENGAGEMENT and optimization_goal=POST_ENGAGEMENT (or in v2.3 terms, CPA for Page Post Engagement).
  • Deprecating old stats APIs - with the launch of the Insights edge, we now have a single Insights API that advertisers can use to get all their metrics in one place. The Insights edge supports both sync and async queries, plus has cool new features like hourly breakdowns. With this launch, we are now ready to deprecate the older Insights APIs. With v2.4, we'll announce that the stats, conversion stats and report stats APIs are deprecated, and will not be available past Oct.
  • Labels APIs - this is a new API that lets developers tag campaigns/adsets/ads/creatives with custom strings (“labels”) and organize/group their ad objects. The Labels API also allows querying adobjects by labels, including AND/OR queries. Developers will now be able to query aggregated Insights by label, so going forward it will be much easier to get answers like “how many unique clicks did all adsets with the 'US-country' label get?”

For a full list of the changes, please check the changelog.

How to Upgrade to Marketing APIs v2.4

To upgrade to v2.4, please reference the Marketing APIs v2.4 changelog. SDK developers should download our latest PHP and Python Ads API SDKs. Web developers should specify /v2.4/ in your URLs when calling the Graph API.