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April 26 at 8:01pmby Naonao Wu

In the past, you created adsets with placements in target spec, however you did not always know if Facebook delivered your ad to the placements specified. This is because your selected placement may not apply to your chosen advertising objective. In the past, you had to create an actual ad and let it run for a couple of days, and figure out the...

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April 19 at 8:37amby Jordan Rogers-Smith

The Ad Rules engine is a central rule management service that helps you manage ads more easily, efficiently and intelligently. Typically you periodically query Marketing API to monitor the status of ads, and manually take action on certain conditions. Since most conditions can be quantified as logical expressions, we can automate this management.

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April 18 at 10:25amby Bradley Owens

Today, we're delighted to announce the next version of the Marketing APIs version 2.9.

Feature Highlights

Ads Creation & Management

  • Ad Copy API - You can now duplicate your existing campaigns, ad sets, and ads using our AdCopy API's. This way, you don't need to re-create ads from scratch each time; instead, you can duplicate ones that work &...
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April 17 at 1:42pmby Bradley Owens

Advertisers frequently rely on Excel to manage their reporting and evaluate campaign performance, but exporting multiple Facebook accounts to an Excel worksheet takes time. To make this process easier, we're releasing a new Excel 2016 add-in designed to simplify data exports and campaign reporting. Starting today, Facebook Ads Manager for Excel...

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April 17 at 11:15amby Jay Yan

Today we release ads in Instagram Stories on the Facebook Marketing API.

This is a new opportunity for your business to connect with your customers. Starting this month, we are enabling "Reach" campaigns for the Instagram Stories ad placement. We expect support for other ad objectives such as website clicks, website conversions, and mobile app...

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April 13 at 11:31pmby Charlotte Philippe

Today we are announcing several new endpoints that enable you to manage catalogs in bulk and provide valuable insights. You can monitor the health of your catalogs via our API, and proactively track and resolve issues related to events and quality, receiving insights into any pixel and app events associated with a catalog.

Batch API

The Batch API...

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April 3 at 12:12pmby Fredrik Carlsen

Today we are announcing the Canvas API for advertisers. You can now easily create Canvas campaigns on Facebook through the API. By using sight, sound, and motion, the canvas format allows advertisers to effectively drive both brand and direct response objectives.

Canvases are built with a simple set of components that are the building blocks of...

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March 24 at 2:23pmby Bradley Owens

New Quickstart simplifies using the Marketing API by generating sample code for you. Click here to try it out.

We want to improve our Marketing API workflow for new developers interested in building ads management or insights apps. We found many developers delayed development during the early stages and don't go on to making Marketing API calls....

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