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August 2 at 9:32amby Zain Aziz

We want to improve Marketing API workflows for new developers interested in building ads management or marketing insights apps. We found many developers delayed development during the early stages and don't go on to use Marketing API. Quickstarts are step-by-step on-boarding flows that walk you through the process of creating a Sandbox account and...

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July 19 at 9:01amby Rotem Druker

When you provide ad creative using object_story_spec, Facebook creates an inline unpublished page post for you. This is known as an ad post which represents your ad. Each time you or anyone else edits the ad, we create a new creative spec, a new creative, and in doing so we also create a new ad post.

In the past, each time we created a new ad post...

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July 18 at 10:35amby Jia Chen

We're releasing Marketing API version 2.10 at July 18, 2017, 10:00 am PT. This new release provides developers greater control over reach and frequency predictions and updates several outdated endpoints and fields. We will deprecate version 2.8 at 25 July, 2017, 10:00 am PT.

Feature Highlights

We are providing target_spec as a JSON object for...

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July 10 at 10:55amby Alan B Ho

Today we're announcing beta release of Facebook Ads API SDK for Ruby, known as the Ruby Ads SDK. Ruby is an object-oriented scripting language used by both startups and enterprises that focuses on simplicity and productivity. The Ruby Ads SDK leverages Ruby to provide developers a familiar interface to Facebook's Marketing API.

The Ruby Ads SDK...

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July 5 at 1:37amby Jordan Rogers-Smith

The Ad Rules engine is a central rule management service that helps you manage ads more easily, efficiently and intelligently. Typically you periodically query Marketing API to monitor the status of ads, and manually take action on certain conditions. Since most conditions can be quantified as logical expressions, we can automate this management.

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July 3 at 2:04pmby Christine Lu

Today we are pleased to announce the release of advanced matching in the Facebook pixel. This new feature of the Facebook pixel enables advertisers to leverage their own customer data such as email address, phone number, and so on. By implementing this feature, advertisers can report on more conversions, optimize their ads against more conversion...

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June 28 at 11:38amby Fredrik Carlsen

With conditional answers, you can create a set of custom answers that appear based on how someone answered an earlier question. For example, if you sell t-shirts and sweatshirts, a first question is: “Would you like a t-shirt or a sweatshirt?” In your inventory, you only stock red t-shirts and yellow t-shirts and green sweatshirts and black...

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June 24 at 9:39amby Fredrik Carlsen

There are cases when you want to sample or restrict leads generated by your Lead Ads. You may get organic leads if someone sees your lead ad and then tags a friend or shares the ad's permalink with a friend, and this friend submits a lead. Since these leads are generated from an audience outside of your intended target audience, they may not be...

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